3.2 Age groups of cases:

It is cleraly evident that majority of the cases occur within the age group of 26-35 years. It is also glaring to note that 31% cases are also reported in 18-25 age group, clearly indicating early/child marriage resulting in to disputes and custodies of children.
3.3 Underlying reasons for the cases:

if we examine the cases more deeply, the reasons behind the occurences emerge. For the physical violence, the main cause is alcohol consumption and traditional customs. Societal pressure also plays a major role in the violence cases.

In the mental abuse, the main contributor is pressure from family members. Contarory to popular beilef that marital diputes are more responsible for the mental abuse. The cases of unfaithfullness have occured due to extra marrital/relations outside marraige, also creates doubt for spouse. Likewise the illicit relations and dislikes have occured due to forced marriages, incompatibility and inflence of urbanisation and better education. Many a times the dislike has occured due to infertility. This is most evident in all of the cases. Abuse by inlwas has also resulted due to societal pressuers, traditonal customs and pressures from other family members.