Summary of the analysis:

  • Amongst the blocks, Bhuj has received majority of the cases, 208, at 37% of total cases while Nakhtrana and Mundra have recorded 16% and 17% of cases.
  • More than 50% of cases have been registerd in Harijan, Muslim and Koli communities alone. Of which, 49% belong to the first two castes. This is featured in all the blocks, except for Vagad belt where more cases of Koli communities have been registered. Block wise if we look in Bhuj and Nakhtrana cases from Harijan, Muslim, Patels, Brahmins and other castes have been registered. While in Mundra, cases are from Harijan, Muslim and Gadhvi communities. Each of this further adds that cases of prominent castes are less compared to scheduled castes, which reiterates the lack of access to women from this community as well as more societal pressures amongst them, which prevents reporting of such cases.
  • Cases of physical and mental torture are more than 37% of total cases, and cases of abuse by alcohol consumption are also about 10%.
  • More than 70% of cases have been recodred in the age group of 18-35, where the cases are almost equal in early teens and age of 26-35. This clearly indicates trends of early marriages, resluting in to incompatibility, unfaithfullness and other marital issues.
  • Maxium number of cases-138, have been registered from Bhuj cluster , while 46 and 33 number of cases have been registered from Mangwana and Bhujpur clusters of Nakhtrana and Mundra blocks respectively. This shows the awareness of the helpline as well as strong base of rural sangathans, which have enabled the communities to access the helpline.
  • Amongst the clusters, Ravar cluster has registered maximum number of cases of mental torture while Mangwana and powerpatti cluster has registered more cases of alcohol related abuse. In Mundra block, clusters Ramaniya, Patri and Mundra have registered 16 cases (around 17%) of alcohol related abuse, majority of physical violence cases (28%) in Mundra also have alcohol as it’s root cause. In Bhuj cluster majority of the cases are of , physical violence (20%), mental torture (15%) and divorce (10%). In Rapar, cases of physical abuse(30%) are more in Rapar cluster, in Bhachau block cases of unfaithfullness are most in Bhachau cluster, while overall there are 24% cases of physical violence.
  • Looking at underlying reasons of the cases, it is evident in cases of physical violence that majority(55%)  have occurred over small disputes/ dislikes and alcohol consumption(57 cases have occured due to alcohol ). The mental abuse is more related to pressure from family members and societal pressures, around 47% of cases have occurred due to this reasons. In case of forceful marriage, it takes place due to age old customs like ‘Sata’, child marraige, and societal pressures. Many of these marriages develop strong dislike between the spouse which go on to become strong marital disputes/ resluts in divorce or violence on women.