Paper On CRP

Kutch Mahila Vika Sangathan, had initiated it’s journey for community media since 1998. The journey got true recognition on it’s very first radio series “Kunjal Panje Kutchji” through prestigious Chameli Devi award. The journey has been fulfilling since then.

In the next 13 years, KMVS went on to establish it’s own Development communication cell working on different medias. Through the programme Ujjas Radio has produced 7 more radio series-  “Tu Jiyaro Aiye”, “Kutch Lok ji Vani” “Bandhni Ji Gal” ,“Kutch ji Musafari” , “Dariya Gher”, “ Sajiv no Sad”,” Pani Thiye Panjo”, “Tipe Jo Sad” with more than 500 episodes.  The first series after Kunjal, was on towards providing glimpses of rehabilitation and relief efforts, tales of bravery and inspirational messages after the devastating earthquake of 2001.  The next series were more cantered to showcase art and cultural heritage of Kutch in the present context. All of these programmes voiced community issues like- drip irrigation, right based issues of fishermen community in the wake of rapid industrialization, derogatory idioms and phrases for women and how they can be rephrased, Traditional livelihood and Natural resource management from perspective of gender and local governance. All of these series were mainly aimed to addressing issues for holistic empowerment of women and it’s context. The journey though spanned over a decade, has been extremely interesting and full of incidents that showcased the true Kutchi “KHAMIR (dignity)”.

It has been felt time and again that Ujjas radio has successfully established that radio as a medium is a powerful medium, which can be used by community at every level. On the other hand, they can have  access, ownership and control over them- be it the content or production or broadcasting, which is very in expensive in the case of radio.

The real field experiences Ujjas radio were taken at the national level when it took lead to strengthen this belief of establishing community owned mediums. This was done by co- founding forums like – CRF (Community Radio Forum), and associating with AMARC and other national and international forums to vitalize this belief through a movement. The movement succeeded recently with announcement of community radio policy in November, 2006.

This was a landmark achievement for all groups associated with this movement. Since the judgment, KMVS had set up a community radio station which will be functional soon. The radio station is being established with strong participation from the community.