It is evident from the chart above that issues of mental torture, alcohol related abuse and physical abuse are more than 50% of the total cases of the block. If we look deeper in to the clusters, cases of alcohol related abuse are highest in Mangwana cluster, while cases of mental torture are higher in Ravarpar cluster.
Mundra block:

The chart shows that across all the clusters, abuse related to alcohol consumption, is around 20% of all the cases, and that of mental torture is  also of equal numbers. It clearly indicates that liquor consumption is higher in Mundra and Patri clusters, which also showcases the peri urban status of these clusters. The cases of another marriage by spouse are also higher in ramaniya and Mundra clusters. This reflects the current status of heavy industrialisation of the area, due to which cases of relations outside of marriage are occuring frequently, badly affecting the societal balance.
Bhuj block:

The chart shows skwed analysis of the block. Since maximum number of cases have been received from the Bhuj cluster (60 cases, 30%) , majority of them shows the trend of marriage related disputes. Cases of physical violence are most in the cluster, at 30% of the total cases within the cluster and 20% of all the cases. The cases of mental torture and abnormalities are also quite high at 29, from the 204 cases. Divorce cases are also quite high in number in the cluster. The statistics suggests that the referrals to helpline have led to more families being able to access the helpline.