Decade Journey – KMVS

  • 1998-99

    1. responding to calamity of cyclone, a need was felt for a network - responding to this,  founder member of KMVS took the lead in forming - Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan ( a network of more than 30 NGOs). 2. the second line leadership of KMVS took the lead, bringing leadership change. 3. received "Ashok Gondhiya" award.

  • 2000

    1. decade document(1989-1999) of KMVS "Flying with the crane" published. 2. Received "Sanskruti" award for social achievement.

  • 2001

    1. decision was undertaken to register 3 rural sangathans, promoted by KMVS-Nakhtrana,Mundra,Abdasa. 2. following decision to register rural sangathans, the 6 in house resource units of KMVS started establishing as "Knowledge cells". 3. founders of KMVS decided to assume positions in board of each of the rural sangathans, for nurturing. 4. expansion of Qasab(working with embroidery artisans) to include Khadir region's artisan groups. 5. massive earthquake struck entire Kutch. 6. received "Chameli Devi" award for radio programme and  HUDCO award for training centre for pachham

  • 2002

    1. All the programs took backseat and entire KMVS team engaged in to rehabilitation efforts. 2. Received "Santbal" award.

  • 2003

    1. besides other rehabilitation efforts, KMVS took responsibility to build 2000 houses for quake affected families in pachham region 2. looking at lack of capbility of Paccham and Abdasa samitis, decisionwas undertaken to delay it's registration 3. started working with MORD, UNDP to initiate DPP programme 4. Adopted a cluster approach for furthering their objectives 5. capacity building cell "HRIDAY" formed.

  • 2004

    1. 36 adoloscent education classes started in involving youth in the development process. 2. rural sangathans "UMS" in Mundra block, "SJS" in Nakhtrana block were initiated as registered organisations. 3. clinic "jedle jo jatan" started in paccham region to improve health care services to community. 4. Alkaben(founder member of KMVS)  received award for "Gamin Vikas" - by  Development support centre

  • 2005

    1. new leadership of KMVS emerged. 2. 5 rural women members of KMVS were nominated for nobel prize.

  • 2006

    all the knowledge cells started working independently under respective leadership.

  • 2007

    1. Kushal manch- the savings and credit knowledge cell was disolved , since the rural sangathans ably started managing their Savings and  credit programmes. 2. interventions with urban women initiated for the first time in KMVS history. 3. "Kutch Kaushalya Award" was launched for rural women to applauding their work.

  • 2008

    all the knowlegde cells started promoting their own sangathans - Panchayati Manch, Dai, KSSS

  • 2009

    1. both the block level sangathans- SJS,UMS started working independently. 2. producer company of fisherfolk community formed, which was promoted by UMS.

  • 2010

    1. centralisation of all knowledge cells 2. launching of sangathan of urban women- "Sakhi Sangini" 3. Some of the felicitation received by organisation.

  • 2011

    Received "WIN" award for Vodafone India foundation, Digital empowerment foundation.

  • 2012

    "Laadli" award for best community Magazine, UNFPA and Aditya Birla Group.