Paper On CRP


One of the major impact as been during the radio programme- “Dariya Gher”. While the serial was on air, a mass movement was being initiated by the fishermen community of Mundra region. The movement was against allocation of land in Mundra SEZ  to a company, who was making a port. The allocation resulted in shekhadia village( Mundra block) loosing it’s  path way to the shore. The radio programme broadcasted all the events that took place during the movement. This supported the cause immensely and other fishing communities from Gujarat also extended their support after listening to the radio programme.

The movement was historic and community was able to get the alternative strip of land from the company. This was quite satisfying.

Various social issues like rise in Alcohol were highlighted during the radio programme “ Kunjal Panje Kutch Ji”. This resulted in to listeners- mainly women  taking the proactive steps and identifying persons who were illegally selling the liquor. They responded to KMVS through letters in providing details of such persons. This was extremely bold step since liquor selling/ consuming is a punishable offence in Gujarat. This incident reiterated the deep impact that the radio medium has over people.

It is also important to note that when  community members share deep emotional bond to any radio series, it goes beyond a mere programme and assumes special place in the hearts of listeners.  This has been showcased since community members still remember “Kunjal”- which was aired more than 13 years ago.

Such radio programmes/ other development communication mediums also help creating an information bank for the region. The radio series produced on Kutch is thus rich information covered through more than 500 episodes, more than 600 music pieces.

The radio medium also helps in opening the community to other mediums. Eg. Through Ujjas radio and it’s journey, entire collective of musicians of Kutch has been formed.  The musicians and their issues and need to get to a bigger level was identified when they associated in providing music to radio episodes. The sangathan , which has over 500 musicians as their members, has been named “Soorvani”  and is on the way to getting registered.

Many a times it has been felt that radio is the only medium which goes beyond cultural and gender barriers i.e. – which can be listened to and accessed by women also even in remotest areas. So, this becomes even more empowering to provide information and other necessary learning to communities.