Paper On CRP


The foremost experience has been that Radio – powerful tool and should not be viewed only as means of entertainment but could contribute to development of the area and community. The technology, which is most popular amongst the masses the mobility and low cost further, makes it even more accessible for all the rural communities. It can be most enlightening to rural community who are not literate and programmes centered in local dialect and feel helps the learning process.

In the present era of globalization, which is has made every village a global village has also resulted in to slowly vanishing traditions, customs and cultures. This makes it even more difficult for local folk culture to survive or revive from it’s dire status. The culture establishes community’s skill, identity and existence. In turn forming the core of true identity of any society. So, radio as a medium helps in preserving the practices and becomes a bridge between society and media. So, KMVS has felt that the medium is extremely useful to take this culture forward- be it any forms- music, art, history, geographical context etc.

The medium has also sought equal participation of communities- men or women and has also empowered.

Another important insight is that the issues raised in radio programmes  can lead to mass movements-which can take the issue, process  and community voice to entire different level.