Saiyere Jo Sangathan

Brief Introduction To Structure:
The organisation is governed by a Governing board which comprises women leaders representing diverse communities, sectors and geographical locations from the block. It also has professional representatives from Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan. The programmatic activities are managed by the cluster level committees, formed in the Taluka. Further, at each village, mahila mandals have been formed. They are guided by village level ‘Aagewans’(leaders).
The organization manages two Producer companies – one of women milk producers in the Nakhatrana Taluka, and another of women emroidery artisans. It also manages a credit cooperative which manages its credit activities with morer than 3500 women.
Past Experience: Projects Implemented By SJS
Drought Proofing Programme Phase-I, with Abhiyan and Department of Rural Development, Government of Gujarat. 2004-06
Drought Proofing Programme II, with Abhiyan implemented in 2010-12
Kutch Drought Proofing Programme with NABARD implemented in – 2007-08
Water and sanitation activities with WASMO implemented in – 2004-09
NASSCOM – Women Information centre implemented in – 2008-09
RCH Programme with District health office implemented in – 2006-07
Scaling agriculture programmes with KMVS implemented in 2007-10
Diagnostic camps with Bhojay Sarvoday Trust from 2003 till date [/custom_list]SJS has been supported with a core grant by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in the period 2005-10.

Portfolio of Activities with 4100 women in Nakhatrana and Lakhpat Block
No. of Groups Total Members Total Saving Total Loans
Savings & credit Offers ten different types of loans for various purposes at low interest rates. Monitors microfinance activity of 147 Self Help Groups and 3565 members
Economic empowerment Dry land farming Has set up a Producer Company of 1100 women farmers and milk producers. They also manage demonstration plots and organises seed fairs for the preservation of traditional seeds Manages and markets a green gram producing unit
Animal husbandry The Producer Company manages a dairy and markets organic ghee or clarified butter Manages an animal health service centre to provide relief to livestock Operates cattle feed facilities and fodder banks in times of drought
Craft Marketing Under the brand name of Qasab 1100 embroidery artisans have been organized as a producer company and market their products all over the country and abroad.
Health (linkage with NRHM and Chiranjeevi Programmes) Spreads awareness and facilitates diagnosis for reproductive health ailments in particular cervical cancer; screens positive cases and facilitates treatment Trains Village Health and Sanitation Committees about its functions Trains adolescent girls or Kishoris on physiology nutrition and puberty. Supports a Sangathan of Dais or traditional midwives
Social empowerment Legal Offers legal councelling in domestic disputes custody and alcohol-related violence Provides legal aid in court cases Monitors the conditions of women whose cases have been settled Training Paralegal cadre to offer immediate legal assistance
Community radio Runs the first and only community radio station in Western India run entirely by rural women in Nakhatrana. Provides women and communities with a democratic economical and effective channel to communicate issues of their concern and safeguard their traditional arts.
Political empowerment Panchayat Organises manch meetings to train women elected representatives (WERs) Organises information centres to provide governmental information Conceives a model village to spread awareness about basic governance in the villages Increase the participation of WERs in the Gram Sabha or Village Panchayat