Reproductive and Child Health

Activities undertaken by the health unit:

  • Prepared cadres of daies and health workers at the village level.
  • Provided health kit facility at the village level.
  • Training of health workers .so that they can provide better health services to their villages.
  • Training of the Daies by the health unit, the local gynecologist, Chetna Ahemdabad, and Sewa Rural -Jagadia.
  • Training of adolescent girls by organizing “Arogya Gyan Shibirs ” in their classes.
  • Self managed maternal clinic being run by the Pachham Sangathan, w here the visiting Gynecologist not only check the women , but also trains the core team of the Sangathan working on reproductive health.
  • Conducted study on Pachham health care issues.
  • Coordinated with the local government health department to access the Government services regularly such as – immunization, pre and postnatal care etc
  • Coordination with Bhojay Sarvoday Trust on the chronic gynecological problems and women related cancers. KMVS in collaboration with Bhojay Sarvoday Trust organizes camps in Abdasa and Khavda , where women are examined and treated by the visiting gynecologists. Those who need surgery are referred to Bhojay Sarvoday Trust hospital, where experienced gynecologists conduct the operations . Both KMVS and BST is planning to develop the BST -Hospital as an exclusive gynac service centre for Kutch.
  • Health unit developed a monitoring and recording system for immunization, antenatal and postnatal health care programme.